27 February 2019

3D Printed: the new feature of the Omni 4” Series

“When technological innovation becomes tangible”

Ntek transforms the production process of the Omni 4” Series introducing the 3D printing method!

Thanks to the use of special polymers that guarantee and even improve the performance of the Omni sources, Ntek has greatly changed the external design of its two 4″ omnidirectional sources.

The spherical shape means that the directionality of the new Omni 4″ is getting even closer to the final target of reach isotropy.

Printed precisely in heat resistant material, excellent performance of the structure is assured even after prolonged periods of activity, without incurring deformations due to the temperatures reached during the activity.

Planned and designed according to the needs and requirements, the new Omni 4″ guarantee greater ergonomics: hand transport will be more comfortable thanks to the new structure of the knob, which now ensures a more comfortable and firmer grip.

“What from the beginning was born as a simple internal prototyping, under the banner of new technologies, is now proving a remarkable workhorse. The first to adopt this new method: we feel proud to have invested and to continue investing in the field of new technologies and, where possible, make the most of them by directly modifying the production lines of Ntek ”      Confirms Mr. Giancarlo Sassi, Ntek General Manager

Completely new design, low weight, improved handling and innovative technology make the new Omni 4” Series the cutting-edge product from Ntek.