14 February 2019

Recognition and Combination Methods of the New Remote Controls

New 433 MHz / 866 MHz Remote Controls

Available from now on in the standard version (included in the price) at the frequency of 433 MHz, or in the HP version (optional and to be explicitly communicated in the order request) at the frequency of 866 MHz, Ntek is glad to announce the introduction of the New Remote Controls!

A totally renewed luxury line that includes the comfortable wrist lanyard. 

Ntek invites you to read the following carefully, in order to use the new remote controls correctly, without incurring in unpleasant situations during measurements.

The external design of the two types of remote controls is the same, but every remote control, however, can operate exclusively with the instrument associated with it.

Here’s how to make sure you use the remote control that suits your purchased instrument:

  • At the first impact, it is possible to recognize a 433 MHz remote control from an 866 MHz thanks to the introduction of a new visual system: a symbol of a different color will be applied both on the remote control and the respective instrument depending on the type of remote control (Picture 1). For the 433 MHz standard remote control the symbol on the remote control and the respective instrument will be the well-known NTEK Color¬†(Picture 2), while for the HP 866 MHz remote control the symbol will be RED (Picture 3).
  • For an even better individuality, each remote will be specifically serialized with the same serial number of the related product (Picture 4).
  • Speaking about AMG Mini, it is also possible to identify from the serial (as well as the color of the symbol) if the instrument is set at 433 MHZ or 866 MHz remote control: in the last part of the serial number, the letters B or C are already present depending on whether it is Hybrid or Current, followed by a number. This number will correspond to 4 if combined with a 433 MHz (Picture 5), or 8 if combined with 866 MHZ (Picture 6).
  • For TPM Pro, on the other hand, serial identification is performed as follows: in this case, this word T18xxF2 is still present in this case. The word T18xx-4F2 will be introduced before …F2 if the TPM will be combined with a 433 MHz remote control (Picture 7), or T18xx-8F2 if combined with an 866 MHz (Picture 8).

Check that the color of the symbol and the serial number on the remote control always correspond to those of the instrument associated with it.