7 April 2020

Ntek launches the new Healthcare Division aimed at community care and wellness

Ntek has jumped into the battle against the coronavirus, announcing the creation of the new company’s Division called “Ntek Healthcare”.

Adapting quickly to the changing times, Ntek is converting the current silence booth to isolated medical pods that could help to face COVID-19 emergency.

Ntek has started the reconversion of the current silence pods into medical pods creating a new opportunity to help medical professionals and hospitals for COVID-19 screening and testing or different healthcare purposes.

Pods can be used at hospitals, medical clinics and emergency clinics as assessment units and can be used for screening individuals for COVID-19 risk or hospitalization of patients in the healing phase.

Mobile drive-through clinic pods offered by Ntek can be placed near medical facilities, in parking lots and near the entrance of a place of business. The arrangement is in a sheltered environment, without having to incur reconstruction and modification of the original function of the host room.

The medical pods can be set up quickly and easily cleaned and sanitized and can be customized according to customers needs.

For more information and specific features about Ntek medical pods, visit the Company’s Healthcare Division website: