24 July 2019

Ntek re-obtained the IMP3rove Certificatation


IMP3rove: literally IMProve Innovation Management Performance of SMEs with sustainable IMPact.

For the second consecutive year, Ntek has undertaken and successfully completed the assessment process because it believes in innovation as a tool to grow and stand out.

This is a detailed assessment of corporate governance, assessed 360 degrees under many aspects.

From this point of view, innovation is considered as a real internal process, like supplier management, marketing or production.

So, innovation comes from research, accompanied by a bit of curiosity and creativity, but it is a real advantage only if applied with seriousness, discipline and control, every day and involving the entire company structure.

“Innovation is fundamental for transformation, so creating a culture of innovation is the driving force for the future of our company.” re-confirms Giancarlo Sassi, General Manager of Ntek.

Innovating is a transversal process that conditions and draws the driving force from the other business processes: it is not only a question of applying the latest available cutting-edge technology, but it’s about finding new ways to propose to the market, use the skills, collaborate and communicate.

The service, offered through the tool developed by the European Innovation Academy – IMP3rove, offers numerous advantages including the possibility of obtaining the competitive positioning of the company in a transparent manner.

The company availed itself of the assistance service on innovation management offered free of charge by the Enterprise Europe Network at the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, where the competence and professionalism of Dr. Chiara Soffietti and Daniela Cena were fundamental to make IMP3rove tool is operational and useful.

Please note that the IMP3rove assessment complies with the CEN / TS 16555-1 and CWA 15899 standardization documents on innovation management and is also establishing itself as a “Gold Standard” at European level.

The report that emerged from the analysis carried out highlighted many strengths of the company (the economic outlook was very positive compared to the approximately 150 companies operating in the same sector and with the same class of employees and from all over Europe ), Ntek was therefore able to use the report to demonstrate and strengthen its position on the national market.