21 June 2019

Great Success at Internoise 2019


On the just passed days, exactly from 16th to 19th June 2019, was held the 48th Congress and International Exposition on noise control engineering: Internoise 2019.

In the beautiful location of the Spanish capital – Madrid – at the IFEMA Palace, Ntek exhibited its entire range of building acoustics products in its latest version.

What a better overview of the world of acoustics if not Internoise 2019?

For Ntek, Internoise 2019 represented an opportunity to establish new relationships, consolidate the current ones and deal with the major exponents on the acoustics market.

A perfect opportunity to launch the new OMNI Series product on the global market: the SMART OMNI. With the power of classic OMNI 5 “speakers and the small size of an OMNI 4”, it is the most compact and powerful solution in the OMNI Series.

The considerable attendance at the Ntek booth it’s a fact that the acoustics sector is always in continuous evolution and formed by a public that goes from the nowadays well-established technicians in acoustics and university professors to an even more growing group of young engineers and technicians who approach and passionate about acoustics in all its fields.

Faced with availability and determination, this trade show gave Ntek the indispensable and fundamental direct relationship with an audience from all over the world, thus knowing their needs as well as discovering new cultures.