30 July 2018

New Calibration Service for Building Acoustics equipment by Ntek

We inform you that Ntek laboratory is now able to provide an accurate calibration and characterization service for building acoustics equipment.

As foreseen by the ISO 16283-2 standard, it is recommended to perform the revision of noise sources (dodecahedron and amplifiers, directional speakers, tapping machines) every 2 years.

Ntek calibrates the equipment and releases the ISO calibration certificate according to the UNI EN ISO 16283-2 standard, according to the following parameters are reported:


The certificate shows the maximum sound power levels measured and the sound pressure level at 1.5 m with white and pink noise.


The following checks are carried out for the impact noise source:


As required by the standard, the tapping rate range has to be 100 ms with a tolerance of +/- 20 ms. The tapping rate average of 10 impacts, as per UNI EN ISO 16283-2, must be equal to 100 ms with a tolerance of +/- 5 ms.


The diameter of the hammers, according to UNI EN ISO 16283-2 must be 30 +/- 0.2 mm

The curvature of the hammers head, which must be 500 +/- 100 mm, has to be measured with a spherometer with 3 probes arranged in a circle of 20 mm radius, as required by the UNI standards.

All the test reported in the certificate are supplied by the graphs of the measurements.

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