10 December 2018

New Exclusive Remote Control

Ntek is glad to anticipate you that the testing phase for the new remote control is completed.

“It took a long time since we started to design and to plan it and then to test it, but we are very satisfied with the final result.”

Here below all the information regarding the new optional version that will be ready for sale at the end of January:

The HP REMOTE CONTROL will be “multifunctional”: it will be supplied with 4 pushbutton that allow it to work with different settings:

  • 1st push button: on/off AMG
  • 2nd push button: on/off AMG fan
  • 3rd push button: on/off TPM PRO
  • 4th push button: on/off MB01 (this will be released later on)

The band is 860 MHz (instead of the standard version that is 433 MHz) so, the distance in free field will therefore be increased up to 1.000 mt.

“In order to release the new HP remote control, we had to go deeply in the study of the international standards in order to be compliant with the electromagnetic compatibility and to grant a higher capacity and portability.”

The PC board of the equipment has been totally redesigned: less wires and all in one board in order to avoid annoyance and possible anomalies.

We are really very satisfied with the final result although the cost is completely different form the standard one.

“We are sure that in most cases the problem of thick walls, especially for homes in northern Europe is no longer an obstacle, rather, is easily overcome by the new technology of the exclusive remote control.”

The new HP remote control will be sold as an optional solution, so can be ordered from now on for the all the orders that will be delivered from January on, with the aim of bringing to reality the new generation of BA measurements.