27 June 2018

New Packaging System for your orders

Always with a view to guaranteeing the customer the best performance and high-quality standards of its products, Ntek communicates the introduction of the new packaging system with which it will carry out the next shipments. A considerable increase in the level of safety of the product is ensured during the entire journey of the shipment, thanks to a polyurethane foam compound, which is instantly modelled according to the required equipment. Ntek, therefore, ensures that the conditions of the goods once arrived at your destination will be almost unchanged compared to when the same goods were delivered by our company.

“A remarkable solution in the field of safety of the goods, completely respecting the environment since in addition to providing a high security to the goods during shipping. The material with which these foam cushions are made fits perfectly to the surface of the product reducing to a minimum waste of packaging material. This solution makes possible to use the minimum amount of packaging product ensuring a remarkable performance of an innovative packaging system, that literally means << less packaging, therefore less waste >> “; this is what released Giancarlo Sassi, General Manager of Ntek.

Absolutely recyclable, Ntek states that this new packaging system is completely environment-friendly, as it follows the latest environmental and packaging standards such as 94/62 / EC, ensuring that the material by which it is composed doesn’t contain heavy metals and it does not contribute to air and water pollution. The new packaging system is, therefore, an effective and innovative solution, with the important characteristic of respecting the environment, ensuring a safe and protected shipping method.