1 February 2019

Ntek 2018 Review

Ntek launches the new video to retrace the past year.

What better time to draw inspiration and bring out new ideas and improvements by looking at the past year?

2018 was a very important year for Ntek in many ways.

The first is undoubtedly having obtained further certifications in the field of building acoustics, recognized for their importance and notoriety such as the PTB conformity certification and the UKAS calibration certificate for the TPM Pro tapping machine.

Participation in events and industry fairs at National, European and Global level has certainly opened new doors on markets of nations that Ntek had not yet achieved, as well as enriching the company’s cultural background.

A strong and continuous technological innovation has allowed to modify some of the production processes of the products, in order to be able to increase the potential and efficiency of the production chain. This lead in higher quality standards of Ntek brand equipment.

A turning point that proved to be a true evolution/revolution for Ntek was the entry on the Social Media platforms; Ntek is now present with a completely Social look on the major Social Networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

A further goal was achieved by renewing the YouTube channel with the expansion of the amount of multimedia information usable by everyone and freely consultable.

Ntek invites you to take virtually part of its history in order to retrace 2018, hoping to bring the distances closer together and turn them into a solid and stable contact in this new # Incredible2019