11 May 2020

Return to normal work during Phase 2 COVID-19: implemented security measures in force

Ntek – the symbolic ‘Made in Italy’ building acoustics equipment company – has today, Monday 11 May 2020, resumed production and normal working activities in full compliance with the indications of the authorities on health protection and the well-being of its employees.

The stringent security measures imposed by the government due to the health emergency linked to Coronavirus, unfortunately, prevented Ntek’s production activity until last week.

Ntek is based in the most affected areas by the Coronavirus epidemic: this is why the company found itself forced to temporarily stop operations.

This up to the proclamation of Phase 2, which announced the gradual recovery of certain companies. However, they must fall within specific sectors, following and implementing the hygiene and sanitary rules laid down by the relevant Ministerial Decree.

Ntek has therefore adopted all the measures required to allow its staff to carry out their work in the best possible conditions. The company, therefore, affirms its reopening and operativity, as well as the resumption of production activity. It is understood that this continuity cannot be separated from that of suppliers, with whom Ntek is in constant contact.

Ntek scrupulously follows any further update by the authorities, to be ready to adapt the security measures adopted according to the evolution of the situation. A reopening is therefore announced with the awareness that safeguarding the health and well-being of its employees is the top priority.