24 January 2019

It’s Tutorial Time!!

From today, Tuesday, January 24th 2019, Ntek expand your range of multimedia content with the launch of the first Tutorial dedicated to the company’s most representative product: the TPM Pro!

With the aim of providing more and more information to end users, the tutorials of all Ntek products will be publicly available on the Ntek YouTube Channel!

Each tutorial is specific to each product in the building acoustics range and describes its characteristics and uses in detail.

Increasingly, building acoustics is becoming one of the most discussed topics in everything related to the construction and testing of buildings.

So why not go to the public user through videos that make intuitive the basic steps for the good use of Ntek products?

“This, precisely, is the question we asked ourselves last summer and now we are pleased to be able to find a concrete answer after a period of intense planning”

Giancarlo Sassi, General Manager at Ntek S.r.l.

Hoping that this material can be as useful and exhaustive as possible, Ntek wishes a “Good Vision” of this and all of the next tutorials.