24 February 2020

University of Salford Manchester: Ntek supplies its iproducts range for educational teaching purposes

Ntek is pleased to announce that in February 2020 a new partnership was born with one of the major British universities in the specific field of acoustic study and research.

The University in question is the University of Salford, Manchester, department of acoustics.

Acoustic study and research have been conducted by the University of Salford since the 1960s. The research has been reflected in the products that companies produce and sell all over the world, as well as on the regulations and standards used in the United Kingdom, Europe and internationally.

Ntek is therefore proud to have provided such a representative body in England – equipped with a certification laboratory in compliance with the directives required by UKAS – a kit for building acoustics for educational and training purposes.

One of the main objectives is to be able to combine the study and research of the practicality of the instrumentation of Ntek products, in order to facilitate the union between theory and practice.

Having been warmly welcomed, Ntek had the opportunity to meet prominent personalities within the university as well as to visit the laboratories and rooms inside the acoustic department.

We thank the University of Salford Manchester for their valuable collaboration and the great trust placed in Ntek.