A/120/V, /VT, /VTC, /VI, /VTI

Accelerometro piezoelettrico
Scarica scheda tecnica


  • High Temperature operation up to 185°C
  • 10mV/g up to 1V/g (±10%)
  • Microdot or TNC Connector
  • Lightweight Design



  • Case and base isolated versions available
  • Extended low frequency response, 0.5x std
  • LF response, option/L. non magnetic (/N); A/120/VT/N and A/120/V/N; 12.5gm, A/120/VTC/N: 20gm
  • Wideband temperature calibration -50/+185°C
  • A/120/VTC, fitted hermetic TNC connector, can be supplied proof pressure tested with/without cable