Amplifier and pink and white noise generator

The AMG Mini amplifier from Ntek has been designed to be able to emit the OMNI and DIR series sound sources at maximum power. Since the very first version, AMG Mini can count on a Native Hybrid technology.

In a single instrument, two high-quality power modules are integrated in order to amplify and correctly balance the sound energy towards the OMNI dodecahedrons or the DIR Slim directional loudspeaker.

Thanks to its hybrid technology, the Ntek AMG Mini amplifier and noise generator is able to operate either through AC power supply or in a totally independent way, thanks to its internal kit of rechargeable lithium batteries, thus guaranteeing an autonomy of about 60 minutes.

Very important is the aspect that even during the activity, AMG Mini can switch from AC power to hybrid power and vice-versa, without any change in the power output levels. This is a considerable capacity in the event that the battery unloads in the middle of an analysis, which can, therefore, continue thanks to the ability to switch from one type of power supply to another without causing power variations.

In addition, the wireless system allows the use of the AMG Mini, which is in turn equipped with a remote control to remotely operate the sources connected to it.

For the use of the DIR series only, just one of the two internal power modules is used, in order to be able to connect an additional DIR Slim to the second channel (optional, in addition).

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• Wireless Standard 433 MHz remote control
• Antenna
• Connector BNC/RCA



• Semi-rigid carrying bag

• New HP 868 MHz Remote Control for AMG Mini




3382, 354, 140, 16283

Conform to CE directives

• Dimensions: 140 x 200 x 330 mm
• Weight: 3 kg – with batteries kit: 5 kg
• Frequency response: 40 Hz- 10 KHz
• Batteries capacity: 1 hour full power
• Noise generator: white/ pink or through BNC/RCA connector with alternative external sources for particular customer needs.
• Channels number : 2 out
• Maximum power for channel 4 Ω: 350 W
• SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): > 113 dBA
• Total Harmonic Distortion THD + N: < o.o5% from 0.1 W at full power (usually < 0.01%)
• Intermodulation distortion DIM100: <0.02% from 0.1 W at full power (usually <0.005%)
• Power factor: cosφ >0.85 – 4 Ω at full power
• Short circuit protection



• Architecture: 1702
• Equalizer: whole parametric filters per channel


Thermic features
• Work range: 0° – 40°C /32° -104° F
• Thermic protection