22 November 2019

Black Friday 2019 – Inspired by italian art


The next Friday 29th is approaching and Ntek shows off its unbeatable offers!

Opening a premise: this year Ntek has decided to give the Italian excellence artists the names of the two Kits proposed for the Black Friday 2019.

“Leonardo” and “Michelangelo”: these are the two kit that Ntek offers at an advantageous price for all purchases made on November 29th, 2019!

The choice of the names is not casual: artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo were true geniuses and innovators in Italy and throughout the world of that era, and it is precisely for this reason that Ntek wants to remember them dedicating their names to its kits.

The purpose of this promotion is not only to sell a high-quality kit at a very advantageous price; the intention of Ntek is to succeed in spreading the technological innovation that is revolutionizing the world of acoustics in this last year, drawing inspiration from the artists of the past, and what better period if not during the Black Friday 2019?


Michelangelo: the standard kit where acoustics and additive technology meet together.

It consists of AC powered AMG Mini in the standard version, together with TPM Pro in the standard version, OMNI 4 ”LT and relative Tripod.

The perfect kit for building acoustics measurements, which relies on its compactness and transportability


Ntek instead desired to dedicate to the great Italian Genius and Artist – on the 500th anniversary of his death – a Kit composed by the top of the Ntek products range: Leonardo.

Leonardo includes AMG Mini Hybrid in the 866MHz version, TPM Pro in the 866MHz version, OMNI 4 ”HP and relative Tripod.

A truly strategic and exclusive combination, designed for those who love and demand the comfort of avant-garde measures, without the clutter of cables and distance problems, thanks to a high-performance and exclusive instrumentation: a unique occasion that gives you the best of Ntek!


In summary, two perfect kits depending on your needs, with the incentive of saving more than € 500!

Take full advantage of this Black Friday 2019 and request your Kit and more details at or to your local Ntek authorized distributor; we will be happy to clarify your doubts and give you the kit that best meets your needs!