The design and assessment software solutions of the CSTB help the stakeholders of the construction industry and cities improve the performance of their projects: energy, environment, acoustics, lighting, airflow management, and more. In a context of digital transition, these software packages also anticipate technological breakthroughs that are profoundly changing professional practices.

The CSTB is developing software to support the use of digital modeling in association with simulation.

Enriched acoustic suite: acoustic quality, which is essential to the comfort of housing units, but also trains, cars or even neighborhoods, can be assessed started at the design phase of a project. The CSTB’s software suites predict acoustic performance, calculate sound and vibration levels, compare variations and facilitate informed design choices. They offer stakeholders the unique possibility of assessing the soundscape of living space by listening to a simulation, thanks to spatialized sound rendering. In 2016, the software suite was expanded with a new version of AcouSYS.


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