11 October 2019

CSTB Predictional Software: the range of Ntek products is internationally implemented

Ntek is pleased to add to its range of distributed products the acoustic simulation CSTB software dedicated to noise prediction in various application fields.

Born from the meeting of the respective companies during the trade fair Internoise 2019, in which Ntek took part last June in Madrid, the new partnership with CSTB proved to be very important to further expand the range of solutions for acoustics, which appears to be complete from the starting point of planning and design new structures and evaluate the performance of environments and transports.

The CSTB software AcouSYS allows you to predict acoustic performance, calculate noise and vibration levels, compare deviations and facilitate informed design choices. The aforementioned software offers the unique possibility of evaluating the soundscape of living space by listening to a simulation, thanks to the spatial rendering of the sound.

The CSTB design and evaluation software solutions help stakeholders in the construction and urban planning sector to improve the performance of their projects: energy, environment and acoustics. In a digital transition context, these software packages also anticipate technological innovations that are profoundly changing professional practices.

Designed to meet the needs of the construction and transport sector, AcouSYS makes it easy to calculate the acoustic performance of complex multi-layer systems.