28 January 2020

New Semi-Rigid Carrying Bags for the entire Ntek equipment range

Ntek announces the introduction of a completely renewed series of bags for the transport of the equipment, which will replace from the 1st January the soft bags previously in use.

The new semi-rigid structure and the design specifically designed to best adapt to Ntek products, bring to what was the simple role of storage for the transport of previous bags, improved protection and better comfort in transport by the operator.

Still talking about transportation, Ntek also had to consider the unpleasant inconveniences related to shipping; we all know how shipments suffer significant impacts during transport and how these can damage the goods.

Precisely for this reason, the new semi-rigid bags have been designed and made to measure in order to ensure greater protection of the equipment during transport.

If before the shipment consisted of the purchased product and soft bag packed on its side, now each tool will be shipped inside its semi-rigid bag.

The stability, strength, and ergonomics of the new bags have been improved, protecting and supporting the product at all stages of transport, from shipping to use in the field.

An example is the new bag for the TPM Pro: the sides, as in any other new bag, have been reinforced with a semi-rigid structure, while thickness has been especially applied on the bottom that prevents the hammers from moving during transport and therefore avoid blows to the internal mechanics.

New in 2020 is the realization of the bag for the DIR Slim: easy transport is now also possible for this Ntek product thanks to the compartment design of the new bag: on the one hand, the DIR Slim will be inserted, also assembled complete with Incline Adapter (not it is, therefore, necessary to remove it for transport), while the Speak-on connection cable will be housed in the rear compartment, so the latter is separated from the wooden structure of the managerial box and therefore cannot damage its external appearance.

“We believe in the reliability of our products and therefore we work to ensure greater protection for them”