23 November 2020

Ntek is the winner of the Chiave a Stella Award 2020 for the Micro Enterprises category

Today, Monday 23 November 2020, Ntek has been proclaimed as one of the winners of the Chiave a Stella award.

In this particular year, the Chiave a Stella Award focused on those companies that have best known how to deal with this pandemic phase due to Covid19, by reconverting their production line to propose solutions aimed at combating the spread of the virus.

Together with Leva placed in Grugliasco for the Medium Enterprises category, and Alberto Marchetti&c placed in Moncalieri for the Small Businesses category, Ntek was named the winner for the Micro Enterprises category.

Ntek is therefore proud and grateful to have entered the “Golden roll of excellent SMEs”, companies that are examples of Piedmontese entrepreneurship, even at the time of Covid19.

“The initiative testifies to the strength of companies, their desire to be there and to grow even in the face of the greatest difficulties. Also this year, Chiave a Stella has sought and identified examples of companies that more than others have been able to fight against one more difficulty, accentuating choices capable of making the company more resilient “- Corrado Alberto – API

Thanks from Ntek to the promoters of the Chiave a Stella initiative: Api Torino, Magnetto Foundation and Repubblica in collaboration with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, UniCredit, Unioncamere Piemonte and Confapi Piemonte as well as the Polytechnic and the University of Turin.

Ntek is proud to have as its founding values ​​the cornerstones set as requirements by the Chiave a Stella Award: social responsibility, environmental sensitivity and governance of excellence, accompanied by welfare and productive and organizational reconversion capacity, with the following creation of territorial networks.

“This year the Award has an almost unique value and meaning. It is an edition that we wanted to be held in recognition of our companies not only for resisting but also for being able to find new addresses and new markets in difficult difficulties “- Fabrizio Simonini – UniCredit