8 November 2021

Collaboration between Ntek and Polytec – Advanced measurements on the OMNI Series

Ntek is pleased to announce the publication of the summary video of the measurement and testing day in collaboration with Polytec.

Polytec, founded in 1967, produces and distributes cutting-edge optical measurement technology solutions for research and industry.

Ntek and Polytec got to know and meet each other during DAGA2021: the sector event held last August in Vienna.

The two companies subsequently defined a day to devote to measuring Ntek sound sources.

Therefore, the Polytec and Ntek teams were able to carry out specific tests using the RoboVib three-dimensional laser measurement system at Polytec’s German headquarters in Waldbronn.

Analyzing the results obtained from the various three-dimensional scans, it emerges that Ntek’s 3D sound sources demonstrate behaviour that reflects what is theoretically defined.

It follows that the entire OMNI Series is synonymous with excellent performance in the field of sound emission. A nice score for Ntek, who’s aimed at guaranteeing the user a high degree of accuracy in the omnidirectional emission of the acoustic signal.

Ntek and Polytec have thus been able to strengthen the collaboration, defining a new market sector that involves acoustic-vibrational measurement needs without the need for contact.

There are many possible applications that Ntek and Polytec can offer, such as end-of-line checks. Those kinds of controls will allow the user in verifying the durability and mechanical performance of the sample in question, keeping in mind the acoustic comfort evaluation.