12 November 2019

Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte 2019: the Third Edition was a success for Ntek

During the past 8th and 9th November 2019, Ntek took part in the regional initiative Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte.

An event that has enjoyed success throughout the Piedmont area – this year organized in conjunction with the Turin Technology Festival – Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte always proves to be the perfect opportunity for companies to open their doors to an audience that over the years has always been more numerous and interested in discovering all the technology behind the walls of Piedmontese companies.

Sometimes unknown companies or sectors that do not arouse such a keen interest in the public, but that thanks to Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte can accommodate for a few hours visitors who take the opportunity to visit the industrial realities of their region.

Compared to previous editions, Ntek had the pleasure of meeting a wider audience, coming not only from the province of Turin, but from the whole Piedmontese territory, ready to immerse themselves in the acoustics sector and find out where technology could, and could be revealed useful, or better, fundamental for the evolution of the company’s production processes.

Very pleasant was the first inaugural visit, which took place on Friday morning, together with a group of fourteen students from the Polytechnic University of Turin; an audience of young people very close to the Ntek sector, animated by that curiosity which pushes students to understand in detail the application of new technologies in the productive realities scattered throughout the territory.

There have also been numerous families: what better time to present their children with a world of work in continuous technological innovation; an open day to all intents and purposes, and why not, one more reason to continue studying by imagining yourself already in the working reality that you like the most!

Once again, thanks to Piemonte Fabbriche Aperte and the Festival of Technology to continue to demonstrate with these beautiful days of full immersion in the world of technology that, right behind the latter, there is always commitment, research and the dedication of people who together form Piedmontese companies of excellence, which Ntek is proud to be part of.

And a special thanks cames from all the collaborators of Ntek to all of you who visited us during these days of open doors: your participatory and enterprising presence was fundamental for the success of the event!

See you in the next edition!