28 June 2021

DAGA 2021 – Ntek participates in the 47th edition from 15th to 18th August 2021 in Vienna


Ntek announces its participation in the forty-seventh edition of the DAGA; the brand will be standing at booth 52.

A prominent event as a sector fair for the European acoustics target and, more specifically, on the German and Austrian market, DAGA 2021 will be held in the Austrian capital of Vienna from Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th August 2021.

DAGA conference represents for Ntek a chance to interact again in person after the period of inactivity imposed by the well-known health situation, which impeded until recently participation in events and conferences in person.

Therefore, having the opportunity to participate in DAGA 2021, Ntek wants to interpret this event as a direct channel of dialogue with its interlocutors, such as potential customers, close contacts, users of the distribution, assistance and sales network.

Participation in DAGA 2021 shows the continuation of the recovery line of the international market, which is proving to be recovering and looking for reliability and innovation in the acoustics and vibrations sector.

Ntek hopes to meet and compare with its business network in the European market showcase that DAGA has always proved to be.