Scientific Software

EKOS is a scientific software, designed by Hextra society and internationally distributed, that improves UNI EN 12354-1/2/3 laws for prevision calculation of passive acoustical requirements according with DPCM 05/12/1997. The software also use avant-garde analytic methodologies to simulate acoustics performances simulation of complex stratigraphy.
EKOS allows to perform calculations for building acoustic test and to create calculation reports with only one click.

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1) Stratigraphies design
Carry out acoustic simulation of multi-layered walls. The intuitive interface allows to determine the soundproofing power of simple walls, double layer walls, walls with insulation layers and ceilings with counter ceilings.
2) UNI EN 12354 building design
Carry out 12354-1/2/3 compliant building acoustic design, with DPCM 05/12/1997 passive acoustic requirements calculation. Integration with the stratigraphies design module allows for generation of a complete technical report with just one click, drastically reducing time spent to carry out the designing phase.
3) DCPM 05/12/1997 building testing
Carry out acoustic testing of buildings, starting from phonometric data from passive acoustic requirements compliant to DCPM 05/12/1997. Thanks to integrated Excel copy & paste functionality, and the possibility to import data from the building design module, the conformity verification lasts but a few moments.


Building acoustic performance prevision according to:
• UNI EN 12354-1 / 2
• SEA Methodology
• PIM (Progressive Impedance Method)
• PEIM (Equivalence Progressive Impedance Method).


Passive acoustic requirements verification of buildings:
• UNI EN 12354-1/2/3
• UNI EN ISO 717-1/2


Building acoustics test:
• ISO 140-4/5/7


Building acoustics classification:
• UNI 11367:2010


Report generation
• Report generation in RTF format;
• Acoustics report generation for passive acoustics requirements verification for building;
• Acoustics report generation for acoustics test of buildings.