Predictional software for acoustics performances

Transportation and building multi-layer acoustic systems performance prediction software

Designed to fit the needs of building industry, this software allows to easily compute acoustic performances of complex multi-layered structures and transport.

AcouSYS software is used for predicting the acoustic performances of complex multi-layered structures of buildings, automotive, aeronautic domains. It is suitable for consultancy firms, industry actors, laboratories, experts or non-experts since it allows quick and complete investigations, optimizations and parametric studies.

In fact, AcouSYS results match with normalized laboratory measurements.



Main reasons to use AcouSYS :

  • Time and money-saving

AcouSYS allows you to extend a few products laboratory measurements to all the range of products by simulation, which saves you time and money from performing laboratory measurements on every product.

  • User-friendly interface

The software is easy to use. It has a very user-friendly ribbon, a very clear project window, etc.

  • Quick calculation for reliable results

A few seconds are enough to create, launch calculations and get the results. Unlike empirical methods, that are time-efficient but only valid on some standard scenarios, and numerical methods that give precise results but are very time-consuming, the analytical method used in AcouSYS is the perfect trade-off between time efficiency and results’ reliability.

In fact, AcouSYS results match with normalized laboratory measurements.

One tool to perform all the acoustic calculations

Unlike some similar software on the market, AcouSYS allows you, in only one tool, to calculate sound reduction index R and impact sound pressure level Ln but also sound reduction index improvement ΔR and reduction of impact sound pressure level ΔL.

Moreover, AcouSYS allows you to calculate absorption coefficient α (normal incidence, diffuse field), transmission loss factor R (aerodynamic) and sound intensity level due to rainfall Li while in most of the similar software it is not possible.

Non-uniform materials simulation (such as hollow brick)