Ntek has achieved IMP³rove award -IMProving Innovation Management Performance with sustainable IMPact – according with European Technical Specification UNI CEN/ TS 16555-1 and the CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement).

The technical specification is a guide to structure and maintain a system to manage innovation, suitable for all organizations, with a close attention to the specific needs of SMEs.

The technical specification considers innovation an important tool in order to improve the results, the value and the competitiveness of company. It is structured in 11 paragraphs that analyze the whole innovation process, from context analysis to the comprehension and application of innovation management techniques and validation of reached results.

Equipments certification

Ntek products are provided with compliance declaration to CEE directives.

• Directive 89/336/CEE (Electromagnetic compatibility) and 92/31/CEE and 93/68/CEE following changes;
• Directive 73/23/CEE (Low voltage) and 93/68/CEE following changes;
• Directive 92/59/CEE (General safety of products).

Ntek products are compliant to emission directives according to the following standards:
UNI EN ISO: 140, 16283, 3382 and 354.


Certifications of Metrology Institutes

Ntek has obtained PTB certification (Germany),  METAS certification (Switzerland), MFPA certification (Germany) and IMS certification (Slovenia) for tapping machine.


Ntek is proud to announce that its tapping machine TPM Pro has received regulatory type approval from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesantalt (PTB).

The German National Metrology Institute (PTB) is the highest federal authority and research institute for science and technology. It is a highly respected and recognized authority around the world in the verification of correct and reliable measurements. Having passed a series of test, the TPM Pro Tapping Machine was awarded its certificate and now belongs to an exclusive club of officially recognized for their high accuracy against international standards.

PTB type approval assures users across Europe and worldwide, that this noise measuring instrument has been laboratory tested and verified.



The Federal Institute of Metrology serves as the federal center of competence for all issues related to measurement and for measuring equipment and measuring procedures. It is the Swiss national metrology institute recognized by EU and  provides manufacturers of measuring instruments with the required conformity assessments for the placing of their products on the market.


German MFPA Leipzig Gmbh is a Testing,  Certification and Insection body for building products, that has certified hammers conformity according to  DIN EN ISO 16283-2.


IMS Merilni Sistemi d.o.o. is a Calibration Laboratory which has tested our tapping machine  according specifications: ISO140-VII and ISO 17025.