Healthcare Intelligent Booth for Emergencies (HIBE) is the response of Ntek to the recent Covid19 Emergency.

During last months, we performed the best of our skills and we planned to reconvert out silent booths into healthcare booths to face health emergencies. With this in mind HIBE born, equipped with cutting-edge sensors and Artifical Intelligence for screening and diagnosis of user’s health status.

HIBE employs a new generation of e-Health products, oriented to smart homecare measurement sensors. The sensors available are blood pressure, temperature, EKG, pulse-oximeter and respiration rate sensors. Artificial Intelligence gather data from those sensors and give an accurate diagnosis in seconds. The power of this technology lies on the ability for the AI to learn as the users use the booth.

HIBE can perform a complete health check, using recent technologies and procedures. After this check, the booth provides the results using a tailored interface. All the information are deployed in a non ambiguous way giving the right importance to every gathered parameter.