28 June 2018

New Distribution Agreement in France




Ntek family of distributors of products and software for the control and the measurement of noise becomes ever more widespread and announces today a new distributor in France: ALLIANTECH, a consolidated reality founded in 1999.

With the new agreement ALLIANTECH, specialized in the supply of the sensors, acquisition systems and tools for environmental monitoring, integrates its range of products for noise measurement and monitoring with Ntek products.

The services offered by Alliantech also include the design and the realization of products to meet specific requirements, and all the equipment for the measurement of physical quantities such as acceleration, displacement, angular velocity, tilt, force, torque, pressure, temperature and current.

“We will provide to Alliantech all the products needed to pursue opportunities in the market of building acoustics and to generate more business and to offer their customers innovative services. Ntek invests in partners who create new activities and this agreement represents a very important opportunity for our distribution network”.

Therefore … a warm welcome to Alliantech in our family!